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LTCSolutions is composed of a small group of professionals each with many years experience in the industry.

Rahim Charania – President and CEO

Rahim Charania’s
Professional Biography

Rahim Charania’s professional career might best be described as eclectic. As a homecare nurse, supervisor, professional speaker, trainer, coach and student he builds partnerships and empowers others to strive for excellence not only for their health but also for personal benefit and satisfaction.

In addition to working with people for more than 10 years, Rahim Charania has a degree (a BScN in Nursing) with a specialty in Geriatrics and a diploma in Health Care Administration. He has over 6 years B.C. Health Care experience and 12 years Ontario Health Care Experience. He has produced and presented various health related and leadership training seminars, has been published in Ismaili Canada Magazine, Health and Well Being Issue, appeared in BCIT Campus magazine, featured on BCIT Health Sciences Web-site, has worked directly with professional associations to develop and write policies and procedures, has worked as a Supervisor Roles, Community Nursing, personnel recruiter, a trainer, and a motivational coach.

During his High school years, Rahim Charania volunteered at KIMRAY Rehabilitation House for young adults with brain injuries and George Derby Veterans Home. His commitment to learning led him to pursue his Personal Care Attendant and Special Education Certificate where he was able to expand his knowledge relating to various disabilities while working with individuals in a group and individually in various community environments. Rahim Charania acquired a position with Richmond School District as a Special Education Assistant where he worked with youth with disabilities, both physical and cognitive, their families and teachers. Rahim Charania revised curriculum and taught activities of daily living and life skills. In 2001, Rahim Charania decided to return to school and pursue his nursing degree.

After graduating from BCIT in December 2004, Rahim Charania was the first student ever to be hired as a homecare nurse with the Fraser Health Authority. 6 months later, his initiative, energy, persistence and management skills presented him with a Supervisor of Clinical Practice position with Bayshore Home Health. He was the youngest member on staff at both organizations to have ever held these positions.

At BCIT his peers and instructors recognized him as a role model. Rahim Charania volunteered on the graduation committee, acted as a student representative for RNABC, participated in open houses and information sessions. He was the only student who dedicated his time to tutoring other nursing students in lower levels. Rahim Charania participated in school events and was acknowledged for creating, teaching and sharing his presentation “Healing with Happiness.” To commemorate his efforts, he was awarded the “Deans Award” and “Governor General Leadership Award” at his graduating ceremonies in 2005.

A few of his characteristics include his positive attitude/behavior, responsibility, adaptability, working with others, effective communication, critical thinking, evidence based practice, responding to change, problem solving and continued learning.

In the winter of 2005, Rahim Charania decided to move to London, Ontario to pursue him Master’s Degree as a Nurse Practitioner at The University of Western Ontario.

Gaining a vast amount of experience as Director of Nursing, Administrator, Director of Operation and Director of Quality, Compliance and Performance Improvement, Rahim Charania decided to open his own consulting company, LTCSolutions. Currently, Rahim Charania aquires retirement homes and long term care homes that have been closed or experiencing compliance challenges. Rahim Charania and his group of architects, designers and contractors re-position the homes to be competitive and viable in the respective market. LTCSolutions also has a consulting side of the business working with homes to develop policies and procedures, train personnel and meet compliance requirements.

Rahim Charania Charania oversees the project from start to finish with a hands on approach to the business side including marketing, interviewing, hiring and training in each department. Serving as the administrator, Rahim Charania builds the business to be successful with a involvement in community and serving the seniors need