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The Care Giver Caddy


The cost of this product is $269.00 and it is available in small, medium and large sizes.

What Inspired this Invention?

The main inspiration for putting this idea together is the subjective nature of the topic: Last spring, the Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA) and Ontario Association of Non Profit Homes and Services for Seniors (OAHNASS) members will recall receiving and presenting petitions from Family and Residents Councils in their constituencies for the Long Term Care Sector. These petitions requested funding for an additional 20 minutes of care in an effort to provide 3.5 hours of direct resident care. Residents and their families signed these petitions because, although they see staff doing their best, they also see that they are run off their feet just to do the minimum that residents require.

I wanted to find a solution but I knew I had to think outside the box as I know that additional funding for staff time is a far reach. While assessing and performing a time assessment on job descriptions, it came to my attention that on average 32 minutes was wasted with disorganization or searching for products to provide care. Personal Support Workers (PSW) would walk down the hallway to get products needed for the residents and then return back to the resident’s room to provide care; this time could have been spent giving direct care not to mention waster energy. Let’s increase the time we spend with our residents by giving front line care givers the right tools to deliver efficient and organized care.

I took this thought to a new level and put a practical invention into motion.

The caregiver caddy belt device includes an elongated strap for mounting on a user’s waist and for carrying a plurality of products thereon. The strap has opposed free ends that carry complementary parts of a locking member for securing the device around a user’s waist. An elongated hip rest is secured to an internal surface of the strap to resiliently and uniformly distribute the carried weight of the products along the hips of the user. A number of compartments are mounted along the external surface of the strap to receive and house various essential products and accessories therein.

The “Caregiver Caddy” allows for various support levels to be applied to contiguous areas of a caregiver’s lower back in the lumbar region while performing various tasks and duties. This is essential to prevent stress upon spinal discs and adjoining vertebrae. Support is provided to the lower back through use of a large and rigid oblong or spherical structure adhering to the dorsal region of the belt; thus, providing primary tension to the areas being supported.

What Problem(s) Does It Solve?

This revolutionary idea aids in helping others, especially those who reside in long term care homes. This invention is a multi-purpose concept which solves many problems and has many benefits such as:

  • Waist belt that conveniently stores and organizes caregiver products to effectively deliver care to those who require it
  • It will reduce waisted time looking/searching for products; thus will give the caregiver more time to spend with the resident
  • An advantage of the present invention is the belt assumes the hips of the wearer; thus, evenly distributing the weight throughout
  • Allows the user to accomplish daily tasks or duties in a timely and efficient fashion
  • Provides a sense of organization and productivity; alleviates stress
  • Product is made from materials that allow for thorough cleaning and wash- ability for infection control purposes
  • Back support is implemented to alleviate stress to the lower back and provide support for the lumbar region, and in essence, the spine as a whole